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    Release time:2018-05-04    Read:298

    According to the information released by Wuhan Industrial and Commercial Bureau on May 3rd, 2018, the Bureau publicized the "ENTERPRISE OF OBSERVING CONTRACT AND VALUING CREDIT" enterprises in Wuhan for 2016-2017. Wuhan Zhengwei Machinery Co., Ltd. (WHZWM) is among the limited companies.

    WHZWM deserves this honor. Since the founding of the company, WHZWM consistently insists on the business principle of “People Foremost, Customers First, Honest Management and Win-win Cooperation”, to be strict, honest and credit to strengthen management. For customers, the company has established and improved a series of contract management systems, strengthened the management of contracts, guaranteed the performance of the contract on schedule, and the contract performance rate was 100%. For the employees, the company has signed the labor contract according to law, and pays the employees' wages on time every month. There is no major quality and safety accidents in the company. The company has created a good working atmosphere by humanized management. The company's strong economic strength and good economic conditions also laid a solid foundation for the implementation of the contract.

    Observing contract and valuing credit promote the rapid development of WHZWM. They are also the foundation of innovation and the source of enterprises' invincible position. We will make use of our technical strength and expertise to uphold the business principle of “People Foremost, Customers First, Honest Management and Win-win Cooperation”, and strive for the company's achievement to a new stage.